Monday, May 30, 2011

Venues, Where do you play?

I am curious what the preferred venues to play are for other guys. For me I always feel the need to be in control. I will only play at my home, hotel room and another friends house. I know there are quite a few guys that play at bookstores or out in the open often at forest preserves. There are also those that play at swinger clubs where bi men are welcome. The craziest experience I have ever had was in a hotel room where there were 3 men and 1 woman including myself. That was one of the hotest experiences I have ever had. We played safely of course but the sex was intense.

I have never set foot in a bookstore, the scene seems too risky for my taste. I know that it would be simple to walk in drop a load and move on but not knowing the history of the other person seems too risky. That is probably all in my head but I feel I cannot be completely careless where I poke my dick in. It may bite me big time. I know I don't know what goes on with the people I meet they may be doing the bookstores and having riskier encounters than I am. My biggest fear is catching a disease I will not be able to explain how I received it and even worse one that I infect my wife that cannot be cured. So let me know what you guys do and find completely acceptable I really would like some feedback.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Ok I figured out I'm Bi now what?

I am going to discuss different issues with you regarding how to approach the experience. The first one being the moral one. I am married. This one is the most difficult one to deal with. I have attempted to tell my wife, she doesn't want to hear it. It takes a lot of courage to take this step. Unfortunately for me it didn't work out in my favor. Talk of divorce, crying, my wife blaming herself. The feeling of bisexuallity really stems from inside. There is not much you can do to deprogram yourself from what turns you on. You can either choose to ignore it, Embrace it and do what you have to do or secretly have encounters. The secrecy is the most common I run into. Especially with married men. Nobody seems to cope with it very easy but there is always that desire to have the experience. Some men just don't care, I am not one of those. I am happy in my family life but sexually I need a little more than the average monogamous relationship. I am always cautious in how I go about it. I always use protection when needed. I try to be selective with whom I meet for sex.

Coming to your senses your Bi

For me it all started when I was young, I was molested by multiple people in my own family. I was very sexually active and aware of my sexuality from a young age.  I guess I should be a total basket case but I am actually very normal. I live a pretty normal life and I am married. But I carry a secret, a big secret. I like to play with other men. At first I was pretty straight in my younger years but there was always something in me that thought I should experiment. Well I did, I found out after I was married. I still remember the day I was on a website that was aimed for bi and gay men. I was so turned on that other men thought I had a great cock. I was always very happy to show it off, but never to other men because that meant your gay. I felt safe here though other men that had a common goal to get off with other guys. I started to chat with Rob. He asked me if I needed draining. I was very hesitant to answer, I told him yes. He wanted to meet. I told him I would meet him at a local McDonald's and then take him to my apartment. So with my heart pounding I took a shower headed to my car and waited. I waited and waited. No sign of the blue Grand Prix he told me he was driving. When I thought he was a no show I spotted the car in the parking lot. He looked over at me and I nodded. He got out of his car and we went back to my apartment. I was extremely nervous and it showed. He started to play with my cock and then he began to give me head. It was some of the best I had ever gotten. He knew exactly what he was doing. He worked me over until I exploded and just like that he was gone. That was nearly 8 years ago. I knew at that moment I had found something that I really liked. I had a hard time dealing with the fact that it felt so good to me. I still prefer having sex with a woman but sex with a man is very different but very satisfying as well. I began to meet other men that were in similar situations. I often wondered what caused them to have the same interest in playing with men. I never ask though it's like an untold code. I have never met with a man that has ever caused any problems with my personal life. I am basically aiming this blog at telling other men about my experiences and dealing with bisexuality. My views and my rationalizations on the matter. Hopefully get some commentary going.